Yes, it is crazy that there are only 4 months left in 2017, but for the first time I actually don’t mind that the year has gone past so quick. We are already in September, which I usually love because it is my birthday month, but 2017 has been so rough, that I would not mind being finished with it already. However it is finally spring and that always brings me a lot of hope- a start of the new season is always beautiful. So where have I been around lately (more like this whole year? ;)). I was at home for a total of 5 days in August because I was working in Cape Town, visiting parents in Moscow and vacationing in Cyprus!

These Cape Town sunsets will stay in my heart forever
Proud mama to the 4th UD baby!


Doing: Currently I am just trying to get back to reality! And by reality I mean doing washing, re-organizing cupboards, fixing house things, catching up on work things and all the non-fun adult stuff. I basically just ignored my life in August, living it up in Cape Town and in Europe, and now all the emails and tasks are catching up to me. I have my third, and final, store opening next month for the year, and it is hard to get your ducks in a row, when actually you have no ducks, or a row. I have squirrels, and they are currently at a rave somewhere. However, I will gather them together eventually, maybe next week before I turn 27 (let’s hope?)

Wondering through the little villages of Cyprus
Actual footage of me waving goodbye to my problems in Cape Town 😉
Our fab UD team in Cape Town! Love the V&A store, its a thing of beauty


Sorting through all the stock- all the fun before the opening


Watching: Having a recent breakup really gave me one option of what to watch- Sex and the City! It is only like my favourite show of all time, and I knew that Carrie would bring me some much-needed wisdom in a hard time. My favourite quote that spoke to me the most this time around is this- “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all, is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well that is just fabulous!”. It reminded me again of how important it is to be kind to yourself, and it is something that I am working on.

Eating: Cape Town was honestly like a 2-week long feast, which resulted in some of the best meals of my life! We visited the Pot Luck Club (because I just had to know what the hype was about), and it did not disappoint- the food there was amazing! We had a lot of tea and desserts at Myatt at the V&A- the Blooming Show tea is something that I strongly recommend for any tea lover! And also, the wine pairing at Durbanvlle Hills was fab- we did the chocolate and biltong pairings, and it was a great experience.

Chocolate and Wine at Durbanville Hills was too delish
All the tea and desserts at Myatt!
I died for this Buratta cheese concoction at The Pot Luck Club- so good!

Then In Moscow I indulged in all of my favourite traditional food- vareniki with cherries, Borz and pancakes! In Cyprus I ate my way through the Mediterranean delights- moussaka, souvlaki, olives, hummus, and as much halloumi as my heart desired. It was all worth it, but it did mean that I made my much-needed return to the gym last week ;). Ah and I just cannot wait to have more of this Moro Gelato when I am back in Cape Town next month!

All the Russian food!

Wearing: My most loved and most worn item of the past 3 months has been this Forever New leather jacket that I bought at the beginning of winter. It is just so versatile and can spice up any outfit, that I have not let go of it this season! I wore it all throughout our stay in Cape Town, because it looked great with simple jeans and T-shirt outfit, and it looked lovely all dressed up in a dress like this in Moscow.

It’s time to hang in back on shelf until the next season, but seriously people, invest in a black leather jacket! Best thing you could for your wardrobe. Oh also, yes I’ve been wearing many bikinis, because Cyprus was hot and I packed a bikini for every day.

Reading: Having some time off also gave me a lot of time to read, and I made the most of it! I managed to get through four books in the last month (two of them were Russian) and now I am busy reading “Small Great Thing” by Jodi Picoult.



Also, did you guys see our purple Table Mountain? Serious proud moment for our team 🙂

Picture by Tegan Smith

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  1. Been waiting for the longest time for a new post – thank you 💓 Hope you enjoyed Moscow & feel more rested. The pics are lovely. I’m so jealous agh 😭
    I am also currently reading Small Great Things. 🌸 Brilliant book.

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