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Last week I attended a beautiful high-tea at Hyde Park Corner for a preview of winter trends at Day Birger Et Mikkelsen and a peak at the brand new Le Gemme perfume collection by Bvlgari.With my recent travels, you will always hear me complain about how we don’t have sufficient amount of designer shops in South Africa. However Hyde Park Corner hosts a variety of drool-worthy shops that I love window shopping at on a Sunday- Versace, Armani, Longchamp, Thomas Pink and of course Luminance- where my Manolo Blahnik shoes are waiting for me(one day baby, one day).

hyde park corner

Hyde Park Corner is also home to Tasha’s Le Parc, which is different to other Tasha’s in a way that it offers a bit of a different, luxurious feel to it. I must say, to this day the Tasha’s in Dubai was my favourite one, however after enjoying macaroons, champagne and tea sandwiches at the Hyde Park Corner Tashas Le Parc,I might just have to change my mind about that 😉


The trendy Day Birger Et Mikkelsen that just opened up earlier this year is home to some stunning clothing for the modern woman. As we were taken through all of the trends, I was eyeing out the super cool bag that turns into a rain jacket- because I must have it before the big move to London. Their house ware is pretty gorgeous , so next time you are in Hyde Park Corner, check it out.


Anyways, onto the main attraction that was the new Le Gemme fragrances by Bvlgari. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but the Bvlgari brand originates from the jewellery- which I knew thanks to Gossip Girl and Blair bragging on about how she got a gorgeous choker necklace with a gold “B” clasp on it(series addict over here!). The Le Gemme collection takes it right back to Bvlgaris jewellery roots, as all 6 of these fragrances were inspired by gemstones. These precious stones, from diverse continents will transport you on a journey to a different world and time! The perfumes were inspired by 6 stones-The Amethyst (from ancient Europe), The Citrine (from Iberian Peninsula), The Moonstone (from Sri Lanka), The Peridot (from Egypt), The Tourmaline (from Brazil and Madagascar) and The Turquoise (with Oriental vibes). The scents are all extremely different, so I think that no matter what kind of girl you are, one of the Le Gemme babies is for you. Let me walk you through it.


For The Feminine Girl- Calaluna


Inspired by the beautiful moonstone, this scent is very gentle and soft with notes of white iris, heliotrope and sandalwood. Hailing its way to you from Sri Lanka, the moonstone represents the guardian angel of femininity. Possessed with the powers attributed to the moon, such as receptivity, intuition and magnetism, moonstones bring women into harmony with their nature.

For The Enigma- Ashleemah


Inspired by the amethyst, the sacred gem, a symbol of perfect balance. This scent is rather strong but I couldn’t put my finger down on the ingredients until I read that it has notes of lavender essence, musk and iris (yum!). Amethyst is associated with the divine, with elevation of the spirit, and purity. It is believed that amethysts bring clarity to our dreams. “Achlemah” means “sweet dreams”.

 For The Fun-Loving Girl- Amarena


Coming from the land of carnivals and parties that is Brazil, “Amarena” means “Morello Cherry” in Italian- how fun! The fragrance is very sweet with notes of cherries, roses and the Indian Tuberose, and it is inspired by a pink gemstone, for the girl in you! Its colourfully exuberant, lush fragrance captures the essence of bright, extroverted femininity.

For The Sporty Girl- Maravilla


With fresh notes of lemon tree and orange flower this perfume is fresh, fun and bright.Inspired by the citrine, the gem of the morning sun, a luminous stone that, like the lemon,comes from hot, sunny regions, and this fragrance will be perfect for the girl that loves getting each morning started with a run and a sunrise.

 For The Nature Queen- Lilaia


The name Lilaia evokes Greek Goddess of Spring who nurtures flowering, growth and rebirth! So who else would it be perfect for but for the girl that loves being outside and getting in touch with nature. The scents is very light with notes of galbanum, mastic absolu and musk, and will smell great from the boardroom to the picnic.

 For The Business Lady- Noorah


A stone of the bright blue sky, a nomad gem recalling open spaces. Noorah, an evocative name embodying the exuberance of the infinite heavens. Its rich, mysterious and sensual fragrance captures the magnificence of the Silk and Spice Routes. It has notes of ingredients I’ve never even heard of before (seriously what are candied dates) and it smells very strong, perfect for a woman who isn’t afraid to take charge and make things happen.

These beautiful bottles go for R3715 for the 100 ml and R1860 for the 30 ml, and you can visit them to play or to buy at the Cosmetics Gallery at Hyde Park Corner. Personally my favourite is of course the Amarena, because it fun and playful and the Calaluna because it if feminine and soft.


Which one would you pick?

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  1. Those must be thee most stunning bottles I’ve ever seen WOW 🙂

    But if I had to choose one I would go for Noorah not only because it sounds similar to my own name Nooreen but I love the colour Turquoise of the bottle one of my favs. I love strong fragrances that last and make their appearances.

    🙂 Great posts and loves those Fragrances they sound totally amazing

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