As the last autumn leaves are falling away, we are entering winter. Everyone by now knows how much I hate winter, but that’s alright because I will be off to summer and Paris in just over a few weeks! And I missed a little bit of the autumn due to the spring that I had when I visited Dubai! When I stop and think it actually wasn’t a bad autumn, it didn’t get too cold too fast, I did a bit of travelling, work went well and the shops had cute autumn items in it. So I suppose I can go for another round of this type of autumn next year 🙂


The outfit today is a little autumn inspired, but only for when it is still warm 🙂 As I said I have an obsession with pencil skirts, so I had to have this beige one from the Punk and Ivy for Legit range! It will do any working girl well, and you can dress it up a bit like I did here for a non-working look. I paired it with a crop top, but I think a sweater in winter will do just as well! And the Nine West booties. Because dam they are too gorgeous!



Also let’s just have a moment for this gorgeous River Island bag. It’s part of the SS15 collection which will start filtering in to store soon, and boy is it a beauty. It is also nice and big to fit all of my goodies in it, and I just love the touch of orange and the print! I used it for my weekend getaway to Bella Bella, and together with my little suitcase they make a fine pair.


Goodbye autumn and hello winter!



Skirt-Punk and Ivy for Legit

Shoes-Nine West

Bag-River Island

Sunglasses- Dolce and Gabbana at Sunglass Hut


All Photos by Slade Ryan Photography


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