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Happy Friday lovelies! Weekends have become a party of their own for me, I think no matter how much you may love your job you still look forward to the weekend! Ever since starting to experiment with a bit of hair colour last year, my hair has needed some major upkeep. Especially when it comes to styling, because in order for the ombre/baby lights to look nice, they need to look like they are “flowing” through my hair and that takes a lot of work! I have to heat-style my hair every 2-3 days (which of course is a pain in the butt) hence my hair requires some major heat protection and to top it off, its frizzy! A range I have been loving lately to help with my hair woes is the Purelogy Smooth Perfection range, and I am here today to share a little bit more about it.


The definition of smooth has changed. It’s not about flat, pin-straight “one style fits all” hair anymore, it’s about fighting frizz and giving you a smooth blowout and style, no matter what hair type. That’s the first thing that’s great about this range- it is suitable for all hair types. The range starts with your shampoo and conditioner (which I don’t use but it’s a great add-on) but the kick of this range is in its styling products. Enriched with Camellia Oil, it helps you to fight the frizz, restore manageability and it is lightweight and fast absorbing.

pureology hair care

The second point of this range is that it has Thermal Anti-fade Complex in it which protects hair from the colour distorting effects to keep it vibrant and shiny. The range has 4 Versatile Stylers(of which I have 3 here)- the Lightweight Smoothing Lotion(for fine to normal hair), the Smoothing Serum(for normal to thick), the Intense Smoothing Cream(for rebellious curse hair) and the Shaping Control Gel(which is for all hair types).

pureology keep it colourful

Between the Smoothing Serum(R475) and the Lightweight Smoothing Lotion(R475), my hair fitted in with the first one. I have thick hair (although as a hairdresser told me, my hair strand is actually thin to normal, its just that I have a lot of them) which is difficult to manage at times, so this is a winner for me. I apply it after I’ve curled my hair and I have loose strands and frizz at the top of it by my roots and at the bottom by the ombre(especially there). I love that it just calms the hair down without it being sticky or shiny. I warm the serum up in my hands first, it’s rather lightweight and spreads easily. The Lightweight Smoothing Lotion is even lighter in its texture, so if you have fine hair then this is your guy.

pureology smooth perfect

The Shaping Control Gel(R475) is suitable for all hair types (especially for colour treated hair), but I found this one was a little bit harder to work with. Its texture is very thick, so I see this more as a styling gel, to keep on hand for hair do-s. However even though it’s got a thick texture, it didn’t weigh my hair down and you can always mix your products to get your perfect hair day. I also really love the packaging because the motto is “Keep it Colourful!”(Hence my colourful nails!).

pureology smooth range

The Pureology Smooth Perfection Range is available at select hair salons.


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