huawei mate s

If there is one thing that I absolutely cant live without, it’s my cell phone. It is attached to my side all the time especially when I am attending events because I like Tweeting and Snapchatting live from them. A fashionable girl needs a fashionable phone, and I am happy to introduce you today to my new mate- the Huawei Mate S that is! This gold and sparkly gadget recently joined my fashion arsenal and already, I cant live without it!

hauwei mate s

Now I am not a tech-person at all, but I do believe that technology and fashion go hand in hand, so having an efficient phone has always been a must for me. I need my phone to be able to photograph really well, because you never know when that Insta-perfect moment will come along that you just need to shoot and put up immediately! The Huawei Mate S is equipped with a camera, which has a professional mode that allows you to fine tune ISO, shutter speed, and a range of other settings, giving you the power to take the perfect picture. I actually plan on shooting my next weeks outfit by only using the phone and basic editing and see how that compares, should be interesting don’t you think?

huawei mate s

Other interesting features that fashionistas like me might like, is the Knuckle Sense Technology feature that can now understand any shape, giving you even greater convenience and functionality. This completely changes and improves the way you can use your smartphone. And lets not forget the Selfie filters that this phone is packed with, starting with a beautiful blur on your skin (to hide any blemishes) down to the enhancement of the eyes- so cool! I am still exploring the phone but these 3 interesting features on it has made me fall in love with it. Also- the battery life on this thing is awesome (I used to charge my previous phone 3-4 times a day).

huawei mate s

To translate the whole Fashion meets Technology vibe, Keagan and I headed down to Wits to capture these images. My outfit is rather simple with a few interesting touches, like the Balmain x H&M T-shirt which I am obsessed with at the moment and wear all the time. These strappy heels might be a pain to get into (it seriously takes me 10 minutes to strap those things onto my feet) but they are so beautiful! And I wore my ripped Tommys for a very relaxed yet fashionable look.


huawei mate s

hauwei mate s


Also before I go, can we just have a moment for the beautiful design of this phone, and yes it did indeed come with the gold cover already! What do you guys think?


Photos by Keagan Kinglsey Green

Phone- Huawei Mate S #TouchMadePowerful

Top- Balmain x H&M

Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes- River Island

Bag- Ted Baker

Earrings- Lovisa

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