hilfiger denim

Happy Friday guys! This week dragged its behind for me, so I am rather excited for the weekend! Last week I attended the launch of the first Tommy Hilfiger denim store in South Africa which is located in the Sandton City, one of the most prestigious shopping centers in Africa. It is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of Hilfiger Denim locations worldwide. The store is operated by Stuttafords, exclusive distributor partner of Tommy Hilfiger for Hilfiger Denim in South Africa. Just before the opening I got send these black jeans from Tommy to wear to the opening, which is exactly what I did!




I was stressing a little bit about these pants, because lets be honest, tight black leather looking pants are always a bit of a flight risk for someone who loves cake as much as I do! My mom had a similar looking pair of pants when she was my age, and she looked stunning in them, so I simply didn’t have a choice of fitting into mine! Luckily, I think they actually fit me quite well, and since the opening I have worn them twice again. However I do think that pants like these need to be worn with a nice black heel, as they will elongate your legs and visually pull everything together. These pants are available at the Tommy Hilfiger Sandton store, so check it out next time you are at Sandton City!

hilfiger denim

hilfiger denim

look 8-1

My latest obsession is also this off-the-shoulder top. To be honest I am not loving the whole 70s/boho trend, because it is just not me. But I do think that when it comes to trends, if you don’t want to go all-out with them but still want to try them out, find an item or two that really resonate with your personal style, and play around with them. I love how feminine this blouse is, and while it is a rather 70s trend that I don’t enjoy, I found the one item from the trend that is me. What do you think of the whole 70s trend?

look 8-5

look 8-4

Hope you guys have an amazing Friday!

Top- Forever New

Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes- Nine West

Bag- Rozanne and Pushkin

look 8-12

Photos by Keagan Kinglsey Green

look 8-15

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