Trends, trends, trends, they are not only limited to fashion, but also exist in the beauty world! What’s the trendiest lip colour this season (it’s blue BTW), what kind of eye shadow is hot and happening, and what make-up look is the hottest this season. Sculpting has been a firm favourite in the past few seasons, and L’Oreal Paris quickly hoped onto the bandwagon and released a whole make-up range dedicated to Sculpting. The result is actually quite fabulous and I already wrote about the lippies from the range over here, and today I’m here to tell you about 3 more products in this range.


What is sculpting when it comes to make-up you may ask? It’s all about creating the coolest make-up look by using carving, shaping and contouring techniques. The products in the L’Oreal Sculpt range are very defined and innovative- they enable you to do the perfect make-up, your way. Let me explain to you what I mean starting with my utter most favourite mascara ever- the False Lash Wings Sculpt.


The False Lash Wings Sculpt isn’t just a mascara, it’s a sculptor for your eye lashes. With its precision brush it lets you define your eyes the way you want to- long, to the side, downwards, whatever you want. It lines and defines your eyes for a full volume, no-gaps lash look. It lines the waterline for a tight lining effect with no gaps and sculpts out the lashes, defining them to reveal sculpted looking lashes from every angle. I love its short and angled brush which tightlines at the root, volumizes at the core and fans-out at the tip.


You can see the huge difference that the mascara makes with just one coat in the pictures below.


The next thing in the Sculpting range is the Brow Artist Sculpt. It has a powder-to-cream texture that lets you design and define your brows effortlessly, with a velvety matte finish.


The applicator of the Brow Artist is half brush and half tip– a first of its kind for sure! The felt tip lets you draw and fill in your brows with the velvet texture, and the brush lets you style your brow how you want to. It’s quite interesting and very different but I do like it.


It only comes in 2 shades though, Blonde and Brunette, which is not enough in my opinion. In the picture above you can see the difference between my brows, but to be honest I do go easy on my brows because they are already quite thick. The Brow Artist is a very cool tool for someone that loves sculpting and playing around with their eyebrows.


The last item in the range is the only that I didn’t love so much, and it is the Black ‘N Sculpt Super Liner.


I have been in love with the original Super Liner for years now, so I was excited to get my hands onto this version of it. It comes with a ball tip, which is just not for me.


The whole idea behind it is that you can create a very festival inspired, hippie look with you eye makeup, but what can I say- I’m just a girl who likes her plain black liner. You can still use it as that, since the tip does bend, but I did find it a lot trickier to use that way than the original good old Super Liner. The verdict? A very cool product, but not for me.


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