Happy Sunday guys! I don’t usually blog on Sundays, but this whole new work schedule has me a little bit thrown off, so I am still trying to adjust and re-work my blogging times 🙂 Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about the LUSH Christmas collection and the goodies that I picked up at their new Rosebank store. Cape Town has had a Lush store for so long that I thought us Joburg girls might not ever get any of the LUSH goodness, but this year 2 stores have opened up on our side of the world so a huge YAY to that!

If you don’t know this yet, all of the LUSH goodies are organic, vegan and made fresh. They all smell so amazing, and you can usually smell a LUSH store inside a mall from miles away! They have a variety of goodies to offer starting from skincare, to body care and even some hair stuff, but LUSH is well know for their bath-time treats! Their bath bombs and bath melts are nothing short of legendary and turn your bath-time into pure bliss. Their Christmas collection includes a variety of different things and is of course only available during this festive season. You can check out the full Christmas range online, and here is what I picked up from the Christmas collection- The Comforter Shower Cream, The Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, The Yog Nog Soap, and then at the LUSH event we were also gifted the Golden Wonder Gift Set. Lets get right into it!:)

The Golden Wonder Gift Set(R195)


If you are doing Secret Santa at work or with friends, I seriously recommend getting one of the LUSH gift sets! They range in prices, and this beautiful gold box contains 2 bathboms in it- The Golden Wonder and The Stardust.


Again, both of them smell amazing, and I even like leaving LUSH goodies in my room sometimes as their scent fills it up! The Golden Wonder looks like a beautifully packaged present, and is covered with glitter. It looks white and gold from the outside, but once I popped it into my bath, it was filled with a surprise!


Inside it is actually blue and pink and it made my bath look like a serene ocean! It took about 5 minutes to fully disintegrate and with orange and lime oils, it leaves your bath smelling fresh and delicious!

What The Golden Wonder looks like 5 minutes in
What The Golden Wonder looks like 5 minutes in


I haven’t had a chance to try out the StarDust bath bomb yet, but the LUSH website sates that is made from “Ugandan vanilla from the Mountains of the Moon and precious, intoxicating rosewood. A twinkly dip in its starlit waters gives a bergamot-powered boost to the mind and body – ideal for a little post-party recovery.”

The Comforter Shower Cream(R85)


I am a huge fan of The Comforter Bubble Bar, so when I saw that it is now being offered in a liquid form, I was like “Yes please!” It is a bubble pink in color and it smelled amazing in the bottle, so I decided to give it a go. LUSH calls it a cuddle in a bottle and it is a blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurrant aroma. I was really excited to use this product, but to be honest it left me a little bit disappointed. The smell out of the bottle turned out to be a little bit medicinal (i.e. it reminded me of cough syrup) and it didn’t lather up very nicely. However it is a gorgeous color and it even leaves that little bit of pink on your skin after you use it. It was a fun try but I think I’ll rather stick with the original Comforter Bubble Bar.

Yog Nog Soap(R48.50 for 100g)


Every limited edition collection (such as Easter, Mothers Day and Christmas), I get myself a slice of the different LUSH soaps. Because soap is something that you use a few times a day, every time I use it, I am reminded that it’s Christmas soon! Egg Nog, the very popular Christmas drink that consists of milk, sugar, eggs and bourbon, inspired this Yog Nog soap! The Yog Nog soap is made with soy yogurt and a dash of festive spice, and it has that unmistakable creamy texture with a spicy blend of clove bud and yang ylang essential oils to leave skin super soft. The yummy spices in this soap such as cinnamon and nutmeg make me hungry for some doughnuts every time I smell it! It also lathers up quite nicely and this is a little festive treat for my hands. If you enjoy spicy scents then definitely get yourself a slice of this soap (mine looks like a block of cheese don’t you think?:))

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar(R57)


Because I needed more bath goodies, the last thing that I purchased was the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (his eyes decided to melt on the way home, so excuse him crying!). The difference between the bath bombs and the bubble bar is that you can re-use the bubble bar a few times plus it makes bubbles instead of just exploding in your bath. It smells AMAZING and very fresh, so you crumble this into your bath for some pretty pink bubbles. It’s made with shea butter so it will also moisturize your skin and leave it felling all soft and fluffy! Plus its really, really cute!


Have you tried any of these goodies yet, and if not which ones would you pick?:)

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