With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are going to year-end functions and planning on what to wear for Christmas day. I shared my Christmas outfit inspiration over here, and today I wanted to show you guys a very quick and easy make-up look. I know I have been talking about doing YouTube videos for ages, and hopefully it will happen in 2016! For now, its more of a “Pictorial” that you can easily follow, because remember if I can do it, you can do it 🙂 Its 10 easy steps to get you ready for Christmas!

I wanted to focus more on healthy and radiant skin for this look, so it looks like you have that “inner” glow. I worked on the eyes a little bit (took me about 5 minutes) and at the end I added a red lipstick, but that’s optional for you. To me nothing screams Christmas more than a bright red lip, but if you tend to shy away from bright lipsticks, then just do the make-up and add some light lip-gloss to finish it off. The pictures might look scary at time (like me without make-up) but I promise you, it all comes together!

PS Also please excuse whatever the hell my hair was doing in these photos. This week I finally got fed up with it and took it for a cut!

Step 1

The first thing you should always do is apply your facial products. I forgot to capture that moment, but at the moment I am using the Superstart Booster, the Kiehl’s Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate and the Kiehl’s Cryse Marine Firming Eye Treatment. I find that using an eye cream prior to make-up application really preps the eye, and if you want you can also use a primer of some sorts such as the Porefessional or the Inglot Primer.

Step 2


Apply foundation all over your face. My favorite this year has been the Clarins True Radiance foundation and I swear by it! It brings a healthy glow and light to the skin so I love it. Sometimes I also use concealer, but that’s up to you. I tend to only use it on the nights when I didn’t get a lot of sleep 🙂 I used the Lancôme foundation brush to apply the foundation and it’s been my go-to tool this year.

Step 3


Highlight! I have really gotten into highlighting this year, because it takes about 30 seconds to do and the effect is instant. I love Benefits “High Beam” but nothing beats MAC “Soft and Gentle”. I apply it on my cupids bow, on top of the cheek below the eye and on the bridge of my nose. It brings an instant boost to my skin and makes me look a little more radiant as you can see in the picture.

Step 4


A little bronzer and a little blush. I use a big bronzing brush from Beautique to apply bronzer onto my face, and I do the “shape 3 motion” across my cheeks, as that will create the sun kissed effect in the places where the sun would normally hit your face (if that makes sense?).


I used the Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in “Poppy” which is a brick red for that pop of color right on the apples of my cheeks.


Now I finally have some color and life in my face and don’t look like a corpse!:)

Step 5


Now we get into the eyes. I used the Stila “Spirit” palette for this look because it has a great variety of sparkly and matte shades. Sweep “Kitten”(a light champagne shimmery shade) all over your eyelids (you can also actually use this shade as a highlighter!)


Step 6


I used a dark maroon color, called “Piggale” and applied it right into the crease of my eyes, and blended it a little bit up. It’s a change form your usual brown eye to a slightly more sultry deep Marsala color.


Step 7


Use a matte dark brown shade to apply all across your bottom lid. Again this will work wonderfully for a night look, because that little bit of brown on the bottom lids makes the eyes a little more interesting and provocative.


Step 8


My Favorite part- the eyeliner! Its amazing how one black line across my top eyelid makes me feel so much better! I love the L’Oreal Blackbuster Eyeliner because it is quite thick so you can get that eyeliner done all in one go. You can also do a very easy cat-eye with it, but then stay away from the red lipstick as it might be too much all together.

Step 9


Mascara, another one of my favorites. For this look I used the Lancôme Hypnose Volume-a-Porter for fluffy, long lashes.


You can stop here if you are not comfortable with a lot of color and just add a light lip-gloss, but if you love color then go for Step 10


Add a bight red lippie! I used the Clarins Jolie Rouge Lipstick in “Joli Red” to complete the look.

Aaaand that’s it! What do you guys think, it was easy enough right?:)


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