It’s no secret that I have a lipstick addiction, if my collection of 200 lippies is anything to go by. It’s the most used item in my handbag, and the most re-purchased. I am often not fazed by eyeliner, foundation or blush launches, but the moment I see a new lipstick stand at the shops, my eyes go all googly, and I run over to it and check it out. I love all kinds of lipsticks- matte, liquid, metalized, and I can’t seem to get enough. I recently suffered a loss of 5 of my favourite lipsticks and my beloved Lipstick palette(RIP) when my handbag got stolen, and I was the most devastated about losing my lip companions(who needs bank cards or driver’s license, right?) more than anything else.

My lipstick also always tell my mood- when I am feeling particularly spicy on the day I will always wear a red shade(that’s a warning to approach me with caution), when I’m feeling low-maintenance and keep my make-up simple, I finish off my look with a nude colour. And when I am feeling extra fierce, a bright purple colours my lips. With this in mind, I created today’s fun post on Maybelline’s latest campaign- #ColourYourMood.

The Maybelline Colour Sensational Lippies are creamy lipsticks available in deep reds, pretty pinks, and soft neutrals. Enriched with precious honey nectar, they leave your lips with a sensuous finish. They are available in a collection of brilliant shades and textures. I spoke about the Creamy Matte Lipsticks here before-I wasn’t a huge fan at first, however in a darker shade (like in Divine Wine that you can see below) it works wonderfully! And the Creamy textures look fab in lighter tones- maybe that’s the trick?

So what lip colour do I wear with my mood? Well when I’m feeling flirty and playful I wear Choco Cream (shade 715).

It’s a delicious creamy nude colour that gives you a “your lips but better” feel. It’s very moisturizing (which I love) and the shade is barely-there, perfect for flirting and leaving more to the imagination 😉

When I am feeling in love I wear Magnetic Magenta(shade 950)!

A full fuchsia colour on my lips gives me all of the love feels! What better colour to wear on a date and leave a kiss print on his cheek with?

Lastly when I am feeling seductive, I reach for Divine Wine(shade 975)!

Just like a yummy glass of Merlot or Shiraz, this lipstick carries the deep berry red colour, which I found gorgeous. Especially for winter, I can’t wait to be seductive all the time and rock this shade!

How does lipstick make you feel? Are you feeling fierce? Happy? Or maybe even Angry? 😉

Check out this Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick range to fill a colour for any of your moods! 🙂

*These lipsticks were sent to me by Maybelline South Africa

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