I recently got a little break from the city and well life, when we travelled up to a gold resort for the weekend. It was just what I needed- a weekend of lying by the pool, looking at animals and relaxing(and driving the golf cart like I stole it :P). While I was at the pool, we decided to snap some pics of my beach/pool outfit, because yes I do like wearing something nice even to there. Its nothing hectic, just a beach wrap, a sun hat and a nice bikini, and I am ready to go!


A couple of months back I was gifted this beautiful bikini from Triangl swimwear. Triangl swimwear is really all the range this summer, with their designs being all over shops and beaches. I really wanted one and was looking online to get it, when Triangl offered for me to pick one out, on them! I decided to go for this blue color called Santa Rosa Splash, because both my mom and le boyfriend said it will look nice with my eyes. My next choice was the pink or the black one(see in my gift guide), and the bikini was with me within a week! I really recommend buying from Triangl because the delivery is faster than if you order at most online shops in South Africa, and its gets courriered directly to your house via FedEx- awesome!





I love a nice beach wrap like this one, its just easy to throw over your bikini and carry on. I got this one from Cotton On a while back, and have been using it for over 2 years! The sun hat and the shoes I also bought over 2 years ago, and it just goes to show that fun summer items like this will never go out of style. The new addition is my gorgeous Anni King bag that I have been carrying around with me everywhere! I spoke about the brand a while back here, and now Anni King has an online store where you can spoil yourself- check it out here!



And about the pics- I didn’t want to reveal too much, just enough for you guys to see the bikini and to get the feel of the summer look! Also how cool are m new Vogue shades- the mirror lens is a hot trend for this summer!




I hope you guys have a stunning weekend and don;t forget to enter the 3rd day of the Christmas Giveaway here, and there will be one up tomorrow too. I am excited to have some of my friends over tomorrow nigh for a festive celebration and on Sunday I will be staying at 54 on Bath- expect a full report from there!
Until then

Bikini- Triangl

Beach wrap- Cotton On

Bag- Anni King

Shoes- Steve Madden

Sunglasses- Vogue


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