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Sumer is in full swing here in Johannesburg, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this beautiful weather. Sure the heat wave is a little bit much, but otherwise these beautiful Johannesburg days have been amazing. The sun goes up early and goes down only after 7, the nights are filled with a warm summer breeze and flowers are in full bloom. I felt like these pictures captured a Joburg summer so well, not in the suburbs but in the hot city, hence the Sex And The City vibes that are happening here in my outfit!

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I’m sure if you are an avid reader of my blog you would know about my love and addiction to Sex And The City and Carrie Bradshaw. Every time I wear a tulle skirt I am reminded of the opening credits in the series and Carrie walking through the blazing New York City. New York still remains my dream destination, and I plan on visiting it in the next two years!

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The top is also very Carrie Bradshaw, as that was one of her famous quotes in the series. When I saw it at River Island, I knew I had it to get it, because it is one of my favorites quotes of all time! I like my money right where I can see it- hanging in my closet! Given the fact that I spend a good portion of my first paycheck on brand new Christian Louboutins, I would say that I pretty much live by that quote!

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I added some fun accessories to brighten the otherwise all-black outfit. These Dune shoes are very reminiscent of Carries famous Manolo Blahniks, so they go perfectly with the tulle skirt. I also added a touch of blue to the outfit which ended up complimenting the pink flowers so nicely (it was not planned at all!). My beautiful monogramed Dune handbag and a pair of Vogue sunglasses finished of this look. I am all dressed and ready for one hot summer in the city!:)

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Photos by Keagan Kinglsey Green

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Top- River Island

Skirt- Vintage In the City

Necklace- Mr.Price

Shoes and Bag- Dune London

Sunglasses- Vogue

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