Are you running around frantically trying to get your dad the perfect cologne for Fathers Day this Sunday? Or are you out of ideas on what to get him altogether? Well look no further, because I have a little list for you today of the most delicious smelling fragrances for him this season! I asked the boyfriend to pick a few of his favourites for this post, to have a bit of a guy’s perspective and here is what you can spoil your dad with this Sunday!

YSL Kouros Silver

ysl kouros silver
Firstly, I think its pretty cool that our local boy, Mias, is the face of this fragrance. Talk about making the big time! This is my personal favourite of the bunch, and I even wore it myself the one day-it lasted all day, I wondered what it is that they add to a mens perfume that makes it last so long! This fragrance is for the sporty dad, the one who likes starting his days of with a jog, and coaches the soccer team.It is very fresh with notes of apple and sage, and this is the one I will be gifting my dad with this Fathers Day(but ssshhh its a surprise). Buy it here

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo

acqua di gio profumo
This is a very elegant fragrance, for the business man and the working dad. It is rather spicy, with notes of incense and geranium, but it also has the fresh sea notes. This is one of the boyfriends favourites, and honestly you can never go wrong with Armani(the suit or the fragrance!).Buy it here

Ralph Lauren Polo Intense

polo intense
For the adrenaline junkie dad, who loves race cars, bungee jumping and all things crazy! The Intense version is the updated one, and the boyfriend has both(yes he is spoiled), but this is the one that he prefers.It is very fresh with all of the top notes coming from the citrus family. But it also has a kick of ginger, for that little bit of adrenaline ;). Buy it here

Bvlgari Man

This was the boyfriends top choice, and even though this is only a 10ml one, he loves it.This is a very woody france, with notes of vetiver, sandalwood and cashmere wood. I would suggest this for any dad, because it will suit anyone and everyone!Buy it here

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